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Investors, Shareholders, Board Members and Advisory Board Members

Data that we hold and how we use it
As an investor or private shareholder in Safeporter, we hold your contact and investment
details. This data will have been sourced directly from you in the course of your investment.
We use this data to pass to the regulators*, to issue your share certificates** and to manage
our relationship with you***.

As a Board or Advisory Board Member we hold your contact details. This would have been sourced directly from you.

Lawful basis for processing
Our lawful basis for processing your data is a legal obligation*; contractual obligation** and
legitimate interest***. Our legitimate interest balancing test indicates that this is a legitimate
purpose; you would not be surprised to hear from us based on the nature of our relationship,
and our processing does not cause any harm or risk to you as a data subject.

Data Sharing and Transfers
We share your contact details in line with our regulatory requirements, so will be listed in
official documents such as company filings and would be used in any potential data room.
Like most companies, we use a number of other companies as part of our data processing, for
example cloud services and technology services. We have Data Processing Agreements in
place with these providers. If you are based in the UK/EU and data is transferred outside of
the EEA, we ensure that appropriate protection and mechanisms are in place, for example,
Standard Contractual Clauses.

Retention Periods
As a shareholder/investor or Board Member we hold your information for as long as we are legally required to do so.

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